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5 Common Teething Myths

My clients often want to discuss teething as there is so much confusion over what symptoms could suggest their little one maybe teething. I’m a little bit hot on this topic as teething gets blamed for all manner of ills and sometime the cause of babies discomfort can actually be something that needs to be checked out by a GP or Health Visitor.

Teeth don’t cut through the gum

We often find people use the term “cutting” when discussing teething, but the truth is – teeth don’t cut through our gums. Special chemicals are released by your baby causing cellular death and allowing the gums to separate and recede allowing their teeth to come through. It might cause a little discomfort but its certainly not as painful as “cutting” suggests.

Teething doesn’t cause a fever

The process of teething is inflammatory but it shouldn’t cause your babies temperature to increase more that one degree. If your little one has a raised temperature its best to treat it as an illness and not just dismiss it as teething.

My baby has started to droll – must be teething

Drooling is a common symptom that is assumed to be teething however, it is also a normal developmental stage. It isn’t an indication of teething unfortunately, baby’s begin to produce more spittal around 4 month to prepare for weaning.

Teething causes loose stools

Diarrhea is not a direct symptom of teething, there are two reasons baby’s stools might be loose and cause a nappy rash. Firstly your baby will be swallowing more saliva and it is through that the amount at first causes the lose stools. Secondly your baby is putting everything and anything in their mouth and as much as you may true to disinfect everything, they may pick up little bugs.

Make sure you are keeping baby hydrated and that if it persists for more than 5 days that you check in with a GP or Health Visitor.

It’s too early to be teething

The average age for your baby to begin dentination is between 3 and 6 months. However every baby develops at different rates and sometimes babies are born with teething (called natal teeth), like wise don’t panic if little one still hasn’t got teeth at their 1 year check up.

If you would like to learn more about teething, how to soothe little one and, design and make your very own bespoke teething necklace we run regular workshops at the Nurture Nook.

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