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Baby Massage & Yoga

Developmental Baby Massage & Yoga Course

Learn the ancient tradition of baby massage, reflexology and Baby Yoga. Structured over 6 weeks, step in to our sanctuary for over an hour of pure bliss. This course is unique to the Nurture Nook designed by Danielle Robbins, Baby Massage and Yoga Expert, Maternity Nurse and Colic Consultant.

What makes this course unique?

This course provides and unapparelled experience. Taught by our fully qualified instructors they are on hand to nurture you as well as baby. We are the original holistic class for newborns, teaching you reflexology, yoga and baby massage in the same progression course as they all compliment each other to give your baby the best start, all instructors are

Over the 6 weeks we provide an ailment focused course, as we want you to not just love the class but feel empowered to be able to help your baby with the power of touch when they are happy and at play, but also to ease things like Colic, Colds, Teething and promote that all important sleep. Whilst we believe you will benefit from learning 1 full body massage over several weeks, over the years we have seen much frustration from the traditional way of teaching, as it rely on you recalling an entire 5 week programme and piece stokes that would help together yourself (especially with a baby full of cold at 3am in the morning!) with our instruction you will confidently be able to soothe your baby using every massage, reflexology stroke and yoga position easily. We even put some of it to song to make it easy to recall!

What’s Covered?

WEEK ONE: Introduction to massage

Learn about massage the benefits to both you and baby and how you are supporting your baby’s mental health with this amazing skill. We will introduce you to massage and learn massage and reflexology for your baby’s legs and those little toes

WEEK TWO: Colic & Constipation

This week we focus on your baby’s digestive system, how it works and why babies often experience tummy trouble and colic. We teach winding, massage, reflexology and yoga techniques to ease Colic and tummy trouble and explain when you should reach out for more hel

WEEK THREE: Teething & Tension

This week we myth bust! What the signs and symptoms of teething actually are and how your can help. We introduce you to various remedies and the pro’s and cons. Your learn a facial massage and reflexology to help your little one.

We design and create your own bespoke silicone teething necklace during this class (all materials supplied by us) whilst we begin introducing gentle tummy time as a play position for yuor baby

WEEK FOUR: Colds & Congestion

We talk about ways you can support your baby when they are suffering with a cold or congestion, a full body baby massage and yoga routine help clear the sinuses, loosen mucus and relax baby


This week we talk about sleep, trying to bridge that gap between expectation and reality, how to start building healthy sleep hygiene to support you and your baby later on , and when to reach out for help if your baby’s sleep is not working for you.

Self care exercises for parent including an amazing deep guided relaxation

WEEK SIX: Developmental Play

This class is focus on play, your baby’s milestones, and different activities you can do with baby to support their development through play. Includes a Twinkle Class taster

What is included?

The cost of your course includes:

  • Neal’s Yard Baby Massage Oil (Worth £7.50)
  • Materials to design and make you own teething necklace (Worth £20)
  • Luxury Gift bag for mum
  • Access to our App, with a private group for the families in your class
  • Option to add an Embroidered personalised luxury towel
  • Twinkles taster class

This class also includes membership to the Nurture Nook giving you early booking access to all of our classes and events with a discount and numerous amazing Companies such as Painted Peppermint, Neal’s Yard, South Essex Slings and more. You also receive invites to Member only events.

It’s the first course in our developmental play programme, once baby has enjoyed this course they are ready for stage two, or Twinkles as it’s lovingly known!

  • Suitable from 5 weeks

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