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Blissful Baby Spa TM

Blissful Baby Spa TM

Designed by Maternity Nurse and Baby Expert Danielle Robbins this 60 minute spa experience is not only beautiful, it provides an experience to support baby’s development and allow you to enjoy an amazing bonding activity in a relaxed, intimate environment

What happens in a Spa Session

You arrive in our tranquil setting, with low lighting, beautiful relaxing natural scents and gentle music, all designed to calm, relax and get that beautiful oxytocin flowing.

You change baby into our luxury robes and the learn a short wonderful gentle massage routine suitable for newborns upwards.

Then baby experiences our luxury mini spa baths with soft water jets with 3 modes to create vibrations, bubbles and whirlpools

Then we wrap baby off in in our luxury towels, perform a beautiful little facial and end with a reflexology story.

We use only the best organic Neal’s yard products in our sessions

Who we work with

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