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Blissful Bedtimes

1-2-1 Packages to support you and your baby with sleep!

Raising a baby is hard – and even harder when you aren’t getting enough sleep, Maybe you are coping but you feel like life would be a whole lot easier with a regular amount of shut eye! Maybe your confidence is being knocked because parents around you seem to have a baby that is sleeping through the night and you are ready to manage your little ones sleep


Below are some of the packages our baby expert Danielle offers on a 1-2-1 basis

Love Foundations: Sleep Settle and Soothe

Suitable During Pregnancy until baby is 8 weeks

2 x 1hour Sessions £ 35*

This is perfect if you are expecting, or just had a baby and want to set yourselves up for a good start?

Do you want to learn what you baby needs and how to help your baby sleep well from the off?

Do you want to set up good sleep habits from the off that will stand you in good stead as they grow

Or are you struggling to know what they need and feeling exhausted?

This course will help you understand your new baby and to prepare so that you feel more confident and in turn, more relaxed. This course will support you from day 1 and covers way more than just sleep. It will support you through the first 3 months together preventing that daunting feeling of being so prepared for the birth and now that they are home out of your depth and help transition baby from womb to world in a gentle and loving way

What is covered

  • Settle and soothing techniques, including early massage, yoga and safe swaddling
  • How to understand your little ones cues to know when they are hungry, tired or over stimulated
  • How to interpret your babies cry
  • Practical care – Winding techniques etc
  • How to introduce and the importance of tummy time
  • Bonus: Free Colic online course worth £24!

*this course is also offered as a group zoom course

Sleeping Bunny Package

Suitable 4.5 months – 2.5yrs

2 Weeks 1-2-1 Support £175

Ready to get your little one to sleep and need some support? This 2 week package is a great way to start. It focuses on not only baby but you as well. If you feel at the end of the 2 weeks you would like to have support for just that little bit longer, to build confidence you can add an additional 2 weeks for and additional £75

  • Initial 1 hour call to discuss an action plan
  • Weekly 20 minute calls for the time we work together
  • Personalised resources and tools
  • Unlimited Voxer support, allowing us to touch base in between calls – perfect for in the moment advice

Who we work with

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