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Blissful Bumps

Looking for a course that provides you with hypnobirthing, practical skills, newborn care, and First Aid PLUS Pregnancy Yoga & relaxation


Launched in October 2020 our Blissful Bumps course is an empowering birth programme, promoting informed choice and unbiased education allowing you to birth your way.

We support mums to be to understand what happens at each stage of labour and the best way to navigate through it using practical methods, from breathing techniques to using a birthing ball effectively.

We believe every birth is individual and designed to encourage women to listen to their instincts. We aren’t about teaching a specific technique, we are about giving you a birthing tool box that you can confidently use and adapt to how you are feeling and how your birth experience is unfolding.


Session One: Stage, Lights…..Action!

This is our session that both the pregnant parent and the birth partner should attend. This is where you meet your class mates, and your birth education team.

We cover the stages or labour, what to expect and how to nail it as a birth partner. Learn how to create the perfect Birth Bubble, pack an amazing birthing bag and begin creating your birth map so it is flexible enough to guide you through the unexpected

Session Two: Introduction into Hypnobirthing

This session is aimed at the pregnant parent only

During this session your instructor starts to build your labour toolbox. Teaching you breathing and visualisation techniques for each stage of labour. Discover active birth positions including how to use a birthing ball effectively and introduce you to a Rebozo.

Session Three: Relaxations & Selfcare in Pregnancy & Labour

This session is aimed at the pregnant parent only

Learn about the different types of Anchors you can use during labour to keep you calm and relaxed, and help you have the best possible birth. This session includes making your own relaxation aromatherapy roller ball

Session Four: Life After Pregnancy

This session is aimed at the pregnant parent only

Learn about the importance of the Golden Hour after birth

Discover how to support yourself physically and mentally in those first few weeks, How to create a self care basket for home to help with recovery based on the birth you had. An how to build your village

Session Five: Newborn 101

This session is aimed at both the pregnant parent and their birth partner

Sleep, Settle and Soothe – learn the secrets of becoming your very own baby whisperer as well as safe sleeping, and how to support Colic

Learn about umbilical cord care, nappy changing, top to toe bathing and dressing your baby for the weather as well as what early feeding patterns may look like

Session Six: The Grande Finale!

This session is aimed at the pregnant parent and birth partner

Gain your baby essentials first aid certification to deal with emergency situations involving your little one with our amazing resident Daisy First Aid instructor

Recap the comfort measures for birth and unlock the Blissful Bumps cheat sheet for birth partners!

This course includes 6 complimentary Pregnancy Yoga classes

Blissful Bump Course Dates

February 2023 – Suitable for babies due April/May

March 2023 – Suitable for babies due in May

April 2023 – Suitable for babies due in June

May 2023 – Suitable for babies due in July

June 2023 – Suitable for babies due in August

July 2023 – Suitable fro babies due in September

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