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Developmental Play Level 2

Our 3 Level Developmental Play Program has been designed by baby expert Danielle Robbins to support your little one from birth to walking. Every class will support your baby and you in its own merit, or you can, as many of our clients do, move through the stages together with other parents that become life long friends


Once your little one is sitting they are ready for more!

Bluebells helps your little one explore their independence but still has elements of one on one time that parents love, with the EYFS woven throughout it is the perfect class for your little one

The first part of the class is structured allowing your baby to have their senses brought alive, with movement, signing, puppets, role play, dress up instruments and age appropriate props set to a different theme each week.

We then encourage individual and social play with a different activity each week such as messy play, art or our soft play activity course, each focused on a different area of development, whether it be gross or fine motor skills or balance and co-ordination that your baby will love.

Who we work with

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