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Our Practioners

Danielle Robbins Nurture Nook Founder

Danielle Robbins

Founder and Director. Post-natal Maternity Nurse. Postnatal Educator Pre-natal Educator Gentle Sleep Coach Weaning Facilitator

Classes are located

Public classes in Rayleigh

1:2:1 Globally

Danielle is a passionate mother and baby wellbeing practitioner. As a qualified Maternity Nurse, Sleep Consultant, Colic Consultant,baby massage, pregnancy and baby yoga instructor and a tummy time practitioner babies are her world. Danielle has opened the Nurture Nook to support parents in those first 1001 days.

After the birth of her own daughter, Danielle realised the importance of those early experience for baby, and also that the level of support new parents was just as important, and had an impact on not only the baby, and the foundations both physically and mentally for the rest of their lives, but the family unit as a whole. 

“I waited so long for my precious little girl. I was told that I couldn’t have children, so when she surprised the world and arrived I just wanted to give her the very best support and start in life. I loved massaging her and trained with the international school blossom and berry and began teaching. It was quite clear from early on my clients needed and wanted more support and the Nurture Nook was born. I wanted to create a relaxed, beautiful space where my parents could come, learn something new or just enjoy a cuppa and a hug, but be given the opportunity to bond, build their confidence with their little one and realise that, they are their babies expert, they are enough, and they can provide everything their little one needs.”

Narel Postnatal Educator Essex

Narel Wallace

Postnatal Educator

Classes are located in

Rayleigh, Essex

Billericay, Essex

I found the Nurture Nook after birth of my daughter, and I am so glad I did. Not only did I meet a wonderful group of class mates that are now friends for life, it became the day of the week that I looked forward to the most. The intimate classes, the way everything is taught in such a relaxed manner.

When I saw Danielle was expanding her team I jumped at the chance. I feel so lucky to be part of something so special and support other parents in those early days in the same way that The Nurture Nook supported me.

Samm Amaral

Pre-natal Educator

Classes are located in

Rayleigh, Essex

Billericay, Essex

When I first became pregnant I spent the whole of lockdown learning and reading as much as I could about everything pregnancy, labour and postpartum. I was, and still am, just so fascinated by it all!. What our bodies go through to create life during pregnancy, how our mind and body work together during labour and how much change happens… mentally and physically as we transition into parenthood.

I’m so happy to have the opportunity to turn my passion and obsession with all things pregnancy to help birthing people. My goal is to make you feel calm, relaxed and confident during pregnancy, to look forward to labour, by helping you prepare for any eventuality you may experience (I’ve experienced nearly every single one with both of mine!) and to help you navigate through the forgotten fourth trimester.. all in the positive way possible. I’m so proud to be part of The Nurture Nook and everything it stands for.

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