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Mother Circle

Picture a world where every mother has the support she needs.

A space were she sits with other mothers can share her story without any worry about how she will be heard. A space where she feels she belongs, is heard and can let go of what she thinks she has to be and begins to become who she wants to be.

A place to relax and laugh with others, where she feels valued and not forgotten underneath a pile of dirty baby grows, to-do lists and everyone asking how baby is.

When we feel we belong, we feel safe – it builds community and support. This support makes you feel empowered, and challenges begin to seem less daunting, there is a massive shift, your self belief increases

A Monthly Sanctuary for mothers in Essex to come together, to connect, share, breathe, move, rest, release and acknowledge all that it feels to be a mother.

This is a workshop open to all anyone that identifies as a mother. In Eastern traditions mothers are born into a community, a village where raising a child is cherished by a number of women in the family all taking on her role to support a mother, however in today’s western society a lot of women mother alone.

This monthly workshop will leave you feeling supported, and positive and a regular reminder of what a wonderful job you are doing even when you feel like you are doing nothing at all


Sharing Circle
A safe and sacred space to listen and be heard. To speak from your heart. talk about the challenges you are facing in your motherhood journey and feel the support of other mothers without any judgement, shame or guilt.

Gentle yoga inspired stretches and movement, and Rebozo massage to help you tend to you aches and pains and relieve physical discomfort

Deep Guided relaxation to give you the vital rest you need in your body and mind. Time to switch off from all the demands of the mother load

Beautiful drinks and snacks to nourish your body and soul

Each Month we participate in an activity that are either completed as a group or alone during the session with a different mindful focus

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