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I often get asked for recomendations during classes or workshops, or where i have purchase props from, so I have compiled a list of my favourite. Please note, these are affilate links and I recieve a small commission if you buy through my recomendation

Blissful Bellies

Are you feeling completely overwhelmed? exhausted? or frustrated? you want your baby to enjoy amount of quality sleep and start setting some positives sleep habits? This 90 minutes relaxed workshop will discuss the importance of naps, sleep windows, sleep cues, bedtime routines, comforting and settling techniques. Also there will be plenty of time to ask lots of questions! A Blissful Bedtime Workshop covers: Realistic sleep expectations/ What to expect from your baby’s sleep? Does sleep need fixing? When does something become a sleep issue? (When it becomes one for your family!) How biology affects sleep? Developing the foundations for sleep: naps, bedtime, bedtime routine and supporting night wake ups. Tips to encourage positive sleep. Gentle strategies for improving your baby’s sleep. Babies are welcome to come along!
  • Suitable from newborn to 6 months

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