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Our Brunch babies is the perfect way to meet other new parents, enjoy a bit of lunch, some bonding time and well.. learn a little along the way.

Our very informal sessions include topics on weaning, sleep, colic and more with special guest speakers and more


Just when you’ve got the hang of nappy changes, how to operate the buggy and getting dressed before midday, someone asks you ‘when are you going to start giving them some food’, or even suggesting that a bit of baby rice in the evening might help them sleep (research says no).

When you start to look into it all it can seem daunting and overwhelming. Different websites recommending different things. Complicated schedules. Jars that say 4 months, health visitor that says 6. Baby led weaning, purees, snacks, drinks, …….What to do?! What’s right? There are more questions than answers.

When should you start? Does it matter which meal? How can you tell they are ready? What if they sleep through a meal time? What food should you start with? Does it matter if it is sweet or savoury? What foods should be avoided? What about spices? What happens to the milk? How do you get the balance right? What equipment do you need? Can you avoid a fussy eater? How do you avoid some of the issues around food that you may have? What about allergies? What the heck is baby led weaning? Can you combine approaches? What about choking?

This course will answer all your questions, leaving you feeling confident, relaxed, and even excited about your baby’s next step. I am going to keep it simple, with a focus on your individual baby, and their physical development. It is your baby. I will give you the information and you can make up your mind what to do.

Course Covers: 
baby led weaning, 
spoon feeding, 
difference between before and after 6 months, 
signs of readiness, 
combining approaches, 
meal ideas. 

Includes a Starting Solids workshop booklet. 

Non-Mobile babies welcome!


You may have had an amazing sleeping newborn, but now that they are 4 months old, they’ve suddenly started waking a lot more in the night and catnapping in the day. You’re exhausted and wondering what on earth has happened to your baby?! 

This is the ‘famous’ 4 month sleep regression and it’s actually the biggest change in your baby’s sleep that will ever happen. So what’s it all about and what can you do to get through it? Read on to find out!

In this article:

  • What is a sleep regression?
  • What causes the 4 month sleep regression?
  • How long does this regression last?
  • Tips for self-settling
  • Is it the 4 month regression or something else?
  • How to survive the 4 month sleep regression

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