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What is The Nurture Nook?

The Home of Parent & Baby Wellness

Welcome to the Nurture Nook Essex a beautiful sanctuary for parents and babies a like, supporting and guiding you through the beginning of your journery together, from pregnancy to first birthday…

Our Vision

At the Nurture Nook, we want all babies to realize their full potential.  We believe that with the right tools and support, every new parent has the power to fill their baby’s fundamental first years with joy, affection and positive growth.

Our Mission

The Nurture Nook provides the space and permission for you to focus on being a new parent while learning essential skills such as communication, touch, self-care and relaxation. We understand the importance of transmitting tranquillity and love from mother to baby, which is why we prioritize your wellbeing in our approach. We draw on years of experience in maternity nursing and incorporate a wealth of knowledge that truly benefits families.

Our ultimate goal is to raise positive members of society who can pass down the same empathy, connection and peace for generations to come.

Who we work with

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